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Local Las Vegas Mexican Restaurant Shutters down - Prime piece of restaurant real estate is now available in Las Vegas after a company Shutters 

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How to restore sun-bleached shuttersHOA attorney threatens lawsuit over shutters 

Debbie Reynolds' son shows off pool, window shutters, and cabinets on the house for sale  -  Nevada Brothel might shutter down 

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Busch Brothers Marvel in Las Vegas and shutter some records - Las Vegas Psychiatrist love their window shutters 

Information on Henderson Nevada window blinds and Henderson Nevada window shutters 

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Looking for window shutters in Las Vegas  -  Team shutters it's 20 year NASCAR operation.

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Understanding the licensing requirements for window shutters and window blinds companies in Las Vegas

Window shutters vs winodw blinds for my home in Las Vegas - Steps to take when searching for window shutters and blinds

Who did I Use story For Window Shutters in Las VegasHow to look for a window shutters company in Las Vegas article

What kind of problems is the industry of window coverings going through in Las Vegas? 

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       Before using any Las Vegas Shutters company check to see if there licensed legally. 

 Ask the business in what county or city they are located in so you could look there Shutters Las Vegas business license number. 

You could use the links bellow to see if the Shutters company is licensed in one of the folloing - Las Vegas, Clark County, Henderson Nevada or North Las Vegas.

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At Sun Off Shutters of Las Vegas we expect the very best installation and fittings every time. We would never settle to sell window shutters that fit almost perfect. So every job we do must be to perfection as our name is on the line. And do to our high volume of Window Shutters sales in Las Vegas we have put into place agreements with the manufacturers that there will be no charge for exact measurements, simply put Sun Off Shutters of Las Vegas does not sell cookie cutter shutters and does not except discounts from the factories for almost the rights size window coverings. 

''We Do It Right, And We Do It Right The First Time''

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At Sun Off Shutters of Las Vegas we take great pride in the fact that we've received the highest ratings for customer service and installation. So please take the time to see our company links below for some of our ratings by other customers, business directories and Awards. 

​- Our YELP Reviews for our Las Vegas Shutters and Blinds

- Our Yellowpages Reviews 

- Diamond Business Award for our Shutters & Blinds service 

- CASA Blinds & Shutters Dealer of Year Award 

Professional Life Coach personal recommendation 

- General Contractor, HR Builders on our Blinds and Shutters services 

- See our Blinds Las Vegas website for more information listing for Sun Off Shutters of Las Vegas
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You've worked hard your whole life to get the home you always wanted don't settle for window shutters that don't make the right statement about you or your beautiful Las Vegas home.

You didn't buy a cookie-cutter home you bought a home that you will customize your way and with custom window shutters from Sun Off Shutters of Las Vegas you'll have everyone asking where did you buy those Window Shutters. At Sun Off Shutters of Las Vegas we understand that window shutters can make or break the rooms atmosphere. Our Las Vegas Window Shutters are of the highest quality with the lowest price on the market do to the fact that we sell more product than just about any Las Vegas Shutters company as well as have received the highest ratings possible by YELP, Diamond Business Directory, YP and Superpages.

 SunOff Shutters of Las Vegas has also received the CASA Manufacture AWARD for our Las Vegas Shutters and Blinds installation and customer services.

Sun Off Shutters of Las Vegas Award Page

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What make our high-end las vegas shutters better?

​​Our high-end Window Shutters are never made of vinyl but rather made of basswood. Basswood is a superior wood do to the fact that it's among the straightest of hardwoods with an exceptional reliable texture and indistinct grain. It can be stained and sanded to a fine smooth finish, and even though this wood is very strong it's extremely lightweight allowing the shutters to keep it's form for years to come. 

SunOff Shutters of Las Vegas only uses the finest of stain finishes on our top of the line products. In Las Vegas it's essential to use the best stain on your Shutters do to the heat wave we get in the summer and the stain can be used as part of the resistance to our weather ( Shutters stain finish should be even with a proper top protective coat).

If you decide to purchase our top of the line Las Vegas window Shutters you'll notice we don't use tension screws as they can lose their uniform tension over time. What we do use is a split nylon pin tension system that requires no maintenance and keeps the shutters movement less resistant and lifelong lasting.

When looking up the Las Vegas window shutters company make sure you have their DBA name as it may be different than expected sometime.


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Sun Off Shutters of Las Vegas is now the partner of Sun Off Blinds and Solar Screens of Las Vegas the highest rated company in Las Vegas for Shutters, Blinds and many other window covering products. If you’re searching for the perfect way to add beauty and style to your beautiful home, you’ve come to the right place. Sun Off Shutters of Las Vegas is supplying Las Vegas with the finest shutters and window coverings available on the market today. Ben the service manager has been involved in manufacturing shutters and components for over 15 years in Las Vegas. Sun Off has been doing Shutters, Blinds and Solar Screens for over 20 years. So when you hire Sun Off Shutters of Las Vegas to do your Window Shutters, Blinds or Solar Screens you're getting the total package.

And if you're asking why are we the highest rated Window Shutters and Blinds company it's simple, with a perfect score on YELP of over 70 reviews and the only Las Vegas Window Shutter and Blinds company to receive the TOP 100 BUSINESS DIAMOND AWARD, and lets not forget the only Las Vegas Shutters and Blinds company to be acknowledged by CASA Blinds Manufacture for our Las Vegas Shutters and Blinds customer service. The clear choice gets to be even clearer. 


Plantation Shutters  -  Cedar Shutters  -  Basswood Shutters  -  Teak Shutters  -  Vinyl Shutters  -  And more  

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It's not everyday that you see a company promise to be the lowest price product for product. But at Sun Off Shutters of Las Vegas we go even further we promise that we will deliver the best price over all including the shutters and installation, so that way when you compare the price on your next Las Vegas Shutters project you'll be comparing the total price over all and not just a portion of it. After all when you hire a Shutters company in Las Vegas you want to know the total cost of the project and not a gimmick pricing that is used to attract you in the door. A company like SunOff Shutters of Las Vegas will never lower you in with a low price and start adding cost up as the project goes on ''the price you see is the price you'll pay''. 

 Another way Sun Off Shutters of Las Vegas saves you money on our Shutters is we only work with the manufactures directly. If we at Sun Off Shutters of Las Vegas don't assemble or manufacture the type of product needed for a particular project than we will get it directly from the factory themselves. At no point do we as a Las Vegas Shutters company get product from a distributor or a wholesaler. We are a high volume company and have already lined up just about every company that you can think of that manufactures high quality window shutters. Our high volume sales of Window Shutters in Las Vegas allows us to receive the highest volume discounts from all the manufactures we do business with and in return that grants us the capability sell you Window Shutters for less.

We are proud of our customer service ratings and we are just as proud of how we can save you money.

Maybe your master's degree isn't in finance. But you and everyone who's spending their hard earned income want's to know that you've got the most for your money. And at SunOff Shutters of Las Vegas we do just that, we've put together the lowest price on the market with the highest quality on all our Las Vegas Window Shutters products and accessories.

So be assured that when you hire our company to do your window shutters you not only get the highest rated Las Vegas shutters company for customer service and installation but you also get the lowest price on the market product per product. 

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