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Where are all the Las Vegas movers going?  

​It seems that as of late the Las Vegas movers that are operating in Las Vegas for years are lacking employees. And so before we start looking into where they are going we need to understand why are we having such a hard time finding Las Vegas moving companies who have available dates and time for the big move. As most of us know when covid-19 started we all went on lockdown. And just like many other businesses the movers in Las Vegas for the most part did the same thing. But as things started to open the Las Vegas movers industry started to run into other issues. For one many Las Vegas moving companies couldn't get supply. And as you can imagine it's a little hard to pack things when movers can't get boxes. As time went on supply started to catch up to the needs but than there was another issue that the Las Vegas movers ran into. And this one was of such magnitude that most people don't realize how it affected so many other industries. The problem was that the Las Vegas real estate market which usually has 15,000 or more homes for sale at any given time was averaging less than 5,000 at best. This means that if there's hardly any homes for sale there's hardly anyone moving. As results most Las Vegas moving companies had to go down on their personal only to run into other problems. And believe it or not the next problem was getting workers back to the work. As unemployment started giving benefits the average employee that was working for corporations like Las Vegas movers didn't want to go back as they were getting more money to stay home than go back to a full-time job. 

So where did some Las Vegas moving companies employees go to? 

From what I see most Las Vegas movers ended up going to three common states. One of the states is the great state of Texas. This could be because Texas does not have state income tax as well as many other benefits like low cost of living, job growth, low cost in gas, And signing bonuses. This gave new opportunities to people who had great skills in the moving industry in a new state that is amazing as Texas. 

 Another state that started to see some of the Las Vegas moving personal start to make way is the state of Wyoming. This state is also a state that has no income tax as well as many other great reasons. But the one thing that was very clear from the beginning of the pandemic is that the moving industry was booming there from day one. So as you can imagine as companies that were doing movers in Las Vegas were letting employees go while Wyoming was looking to hire with extra pay. This was a no brainer. 

 And last but not least is the amazing state of Florida. The state of Florida really needs no reason to offer people to move there. In fact, the weather alone was probably enticing just because you didn't have to be out in the cold. And if you ever hear a worker who works for a moving company talk they always talk about working in the winter freezing rain. We shouldn't forget about the fact that Florida also has no state income tax, and that people in Florida seem to live longer, but that's just my thoughts.

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